Terms Glossary


Cost per thousand ad views. (The M stands for the Latin mille, meaning a thousand.) The cost of the ad per 1,000 ad views.


Cost per Acquisition or also known as Cost Per Sale. This is typically an average dollar amount to the total cost in clicks it takes to convert to a sale.


Cost per lead, instead of making a sale, you will be bringing in new clients, for example, loan applicants.


Simply, an advertising system where an advertiser pays an agreed amount for each click delivered to his or her site from a link or listing keyed to a specific search term, area of a site or even a banner. Related terms: Cost per click (CPC), Paid inclusion, Paid listings.


Pay Per Sale - online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely based on qualifying sales.


Revenue share, say on each sale of 20$ you share it 50% with the sponsor, wich means you get 10$ per sale.